Railroad Corporation steams into Early Access this month

(Image credit: Iceberg Interactive)

There’s a new train tycoon game heading into the station of Steam’s Early Access. Railroad Corporation is a Golden Age of Rail game that has you laying tracks, buying engines, and moving goods around the untamed American landscape in the post-Civil War era.

Corbie Games' Railroad Corporation looks like a detailed business simulation layered over a pleasant model train diorama. It’s the kind of thing that makes a certain class of PC gamer get all misty eyed, and they’re in luck—Railroad Corporation will be available in Early Access May 27.

This version will let you research and buy five classic engines, including the 0-4-0 Best Friend, the 4-2-0 John Bull, and the 4-2-0 Pioneer. Iceberg says there are “many more” coming with the full release. 

Here’s a trailer that provides a nice overview of the game. Railroad Corporation is obviously not just about trains, it’s about planning supply lines and running a business. Have a look.

Railroad Corporation's Early Access phase is currently projected to last four to six months, according to the Steam page, and the official release will come with a bit of a price hike.