Rage multiplayer modes revealed: no deathmatch or capture the flag


Id software have been talking about Rage's multiplayer component at a recent press event in Utah. The game will feature a vehicle arena mode and a series of co-op missions, but won't have any of the deathmatch of capture the flag components that id games are famous for. The developers also dropped an estimated length for their single player campaign. Read on for details.

Eurogamer mention that the two modes will be called Combat Rally. Combat Rally is a six player free-for-all mode set in an expansive arena designed to make use of Rage's vehicles. Checkpoint markers scattered across the field will activate at random, and can be grabbed to gain score multipliers.

Eurogamer report that the second mode will consist of a series of co-op missions based on stories you hear characters tell during the course of a single player game. If a character tells you a tall tale about the time two wanderers took out a bandit camp, Legends of the Wasteland mode might have a mission casting you as the two wanderers. There will also be missions based on the Rage iPhone game. These will be set in the Mutant Bash TV arena. This is set in a compound in which contestants are pitted against waves of mutants for the entertainment of a bloodthirsty crowd.

Considering Rage is made by Quake creators, id Software, classic multiplayer modes like deathmatch and capture the flag are conspicuous by their absence. Still, there's always the chunky single player portion. Id say the campaign should last between 15 and 20 hours. For a proper look at Rage, check out the yesterday's Rage trailer , which shows five minutes of in-game footage.

Tom Senior

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