R.U.S.E receives new orders in Chimera Pack DLC


Ubisoft have announced that the latest DLC pack for their large-scale strategy game R.U.S.E is now available on Steam.

The Chimera Pack contains three new multiplayer maps and three new single-player operations. Ubisoft say that "This new content will provide a change of scenery and breathe new life into both multiplayer and solo skirmishes." Read on for the details.

The three solo operations are: Bir Hakeim; where Free French Forces will have to fend off the Axis powers in the Libyan Desert, Medjez; in which the Afrikakorps take on the might of both the British and French in Tunisia and Zapad Operation; where players must join forces with the Soviets against American imperialists in a situation in Germany that threatens to become nuclear war.

The three new multiplayer maps are Blood and Sand, Djebel and Nuclear Winter.

The Chimera Pack is available on Steam now for £4.99