Quadrilateral Cowboy's source code has been released to the public

Quadrilateral Cowboy is a retro-hacking heist game in which you dial into security systems with your trusty 56K modem to open doors, disable security, and perform other feats of digital derring-do in the service of the highest bidder. It's quite good, “a smart puzzle game, overflowing with personality,” and now developer Blendo Games is giving players the opportunity to hack it up for real by releasing the source code. 

“Quadrilateral Cowboy uses the idTech 4 (Doom 3) engine. The source code is written in C++ and includes the solution files for Microsoft Visual C++ 2010,” the studio said in a note on the FAQ, which includes the download link. “The source code is released under the GPL license.” 

Putting out the source code like this is unusual but not actually unexpected—at least for those of you who were paying attention three-and-a-half years ago, when developer Brendon Chung committed to doing so. He also offered a pretty good idea for what someone with the appropriate expertise might want to do with it:  

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Chung also recently committed to providing “deleted scenes” from the game as extra levels, which will be available for free via the Steam Workshop.  

Andy Chalk

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