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PUBG will announce something new tomorrow—it could be a shooting range

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' mobile variation has a shooting range—a feature which PC players have been calling (opens in new tab) out for (opens in new tab) for quite (opens in new tab) some time (opens in new tab). Now, it seems us desktoppers might be in luck. 

Speaking rather cryptically via Twitter (opens in new tab) earlier today, Brendan Greene—aka PlayerUnknown himself—said "I couldn’t come to Gamescom and not reveal a little something new! More info tomorrow... ". 

Those words feature alongside an image, which appears to depict red and black targets, housed within a makeshift container-built maze. I reckon that layout looks perfect for testing weapons. 

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I'm of course not the only one who thinks so, as a quick gander at the above tweet's comments clearly shows.  

I guess we'll find out either way tomorrow—check back for an update as soon as we know more.