PUBG stunt bikers storm enemy base with impressive second floor window entry kill

Ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, as PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds playerbase continues to grow so too does its instances of weird and wonderful kills. The Grand Theft Auto 5 stunting community is one which has interested me for quite some time, and it's cool to see PUBG players mixing death defying tricks with brutal battle royale prowess. 

In a video posted yesterday by Aaron Hansen, two motorbike-riding players literally take their tactics to another level as they enter an enemy-occupied building via a second floor window. From there they set about wiping out the stronghold (to be fair, much of the work is shouldered by player AN1M4LPHA), and their enemy resident's wayward shooting suggests the element of surprise was kept intact.

Here's the impressive takedown in motion:

The mound of grass that the team use to elevate their ride is undoubtedly well-placed, however it takes intuition and a distinct degree of skill to pull off the stunt before laying waste to the aggressors in situ. 

The above is perhaps not quite as impressive as the aerial motorcycle attack linked at the foot of this post, however it's a good 'un nevertheless. Have you come across better instances of stunt-fueled slaughter? Share your links in the comments below.