PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has sold 5 million copies in 4 months

Given its meteoric and seemingly unstoppable success at this point, it's hard to believe PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been around for just four months. Perhaps harder to comprehend still—it's now sold over five million copies. 

Developer Bluehole is yet to announce this officially, however, as reported by VG24/7, Steam Spy data suggests somewhere around 5.1 million people now own the battle royale-inspired, last-person-standing shooter. 

That's pretty good going given it's still in Early Access, which is where it'll reside till some stage during "Q4 2017". In less business-y terms, that means, all going well, it'll land between October 1—December 31. 

Before then, expect two new maps, vaulting and jumping physics and the ability to design your avatars down to a tee

With so many people playing, have you spotted Terry Crews out in the battlefield yet? Good luck if you do, I don't fancy your chances.