PUBG shares before and after blue zone shots, adds new weapon in PC update

PUBG's latest PC-specific update—the 23rd since launch, for those counting—adds a new pistol, and tinkers with its blue zone's visuals. The former, named Skorpion, can be spied above. The latter stars in the images below. 

In a bid to make it "less difficult to see through", the blue zone's opacity has been adjusted. Likewise, PUBG Corp says it has "mitigated an issue where the blue zone’s opacity difference was too strong depending on the map and weather type."

Here's some before and after shots, across the game's different maps:

As for the Skorpion, it's available on all maps including the battle royale's training zone. It boasts both single fire and auto fire mode, uses 9mm ammo and can load up to 20 bullets—40, with an extended mag. On the attachments front, it supports a red dot sight, a suppressor, and a vertical foregrip, half grip, light grip and laser sight on its lower rail. 

Elsewhere, PUBG's PC 1.0 Update #23 adds an on-screen key guide function, which display dynamic key guides relevant to what's happening on-screen. Patch notes also now feature in lobbies, and a host of weapons, systems and performance bugs have been fixed. With the latter in mind, be sure to collect your freebies before this coming Tuesday

Full patch notes for PUBG's latest PC update can be read here