PUBG September update adds new town, foggy weather 'has a low probability to occur'

After revising its schedule last month, PUBG declared its updates would become less regular so as to maintain a "high standard of quality" moving forward. The first patch post-shift is live on the game's test servers today and, as you might expect, it's a biggie. 

As you might already know, fog is en route to The Island. Chris expressed his concerns with this yesterday, and it seems quite a few of you feel the same judging by that post's comments. As in reality, the foggy weather effect "will hinder player sight on the map"—however the fact that this weather effect "has a low probability to occur" might console those less sold on the idea. 

Elsewhere, the September update adds the Mini-14 semi-automatic marksman rifle, and a new town named Kameshki, which is located east of Stalbar. Among the host of UI and gameplay tweaks the patch instils, my favourite is the fact that Tommy Guns have been removed from Care Packages and are now a world spawn. They're also now supported by Silencers, Vertical Foregrips and Magazines. Which is nice. 

Due on live servers later this week, here's Bluehole's schedule as per this Steam community post

Test servers: This week, test servers will be up for at least 2 days.

  • KST: Tuesday evening
  • CEST: Tuesday morning
  • PDT: Tuesday early morning
  • Live server update: Later this week—TBD