PUBG is getting its first 1x1 map and an AI faction next week

PUBG's seasonal updates have now reached double digits. Season 10 is dropping next week, and with it comes more map experiments. Last season, we got Paramo, a dynamic volcano map that was only 3x3km, and this time the battle royale is going even smaller.

Haven is PUBG's tiniest map so far, giving would-be survivors a mere 1x1km to play around in. What it lacks in size, however, it apparently makes up for in density. There's a lot going on in this wee industrial island, which also houses an AI faction: Pillar.

The rusty American town will see you fighting across steelworks, coal yards, a residential zone and docks, full of rooftop sniper vantage points and blind corners. You'll be pushing through urban streets, apartment buildings, warehouses and factories, switching from long-range shootouts to close-quarters slogs. And it's not just other players you'll need to worry about.

Pillar is PUBG's first AI faction, and apparently Haven is their turf, so they'd quite like you to piss off. Since that's not going to happen, they'll be content with filling you with bullets. A scout helicopter will patrol the skies, hunting down players, accompanied by a tactical truck that will try to murder anyone the helicopter spots. Pillar also has guards and commanders protecting various parts of the map. Guards will be decked out in basic gear, but the commanders will sport top-tier equipment.

Haven also contains Pillar supply caches, which require keys to unlock. To get a key, you'll need to take out a commander. These replace care packages. You'll also be able to find emergency parachutes, letting you jump from high places without worrying about landing with a splat. They will make you a bit of a target, though, so watch out.

A new season means a new survivor pass, a new season of Ranked mode, new rewards and more mastery medals. Haven will only be available during this season, so make the most of it while it lasts. You can check it out now in the test server, and it will launch on live servers on December 16.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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