Psychological horror game Martha Is Dead gets a new, disturbing trailer

Martha Is Dead, the next game by Town of Light developer LKA, was originally set to release this year, but as publisher Wire Productions has revealed today, it's been pushed to "later in 2021". Two new trailers released today offer a better look both at the atmosphere and the actual gameplay. The first one, called the Lake Trailer, shows how someone's corpse, presumably Martha's, is found, in addition to some more disturbing scenes of her fleeing and some body horror—if you tend to get queasy proceed with caution, as it is quite disturbing.

As previously announced,  Martha Is Dead is set in Tuscany during WW2, and it's up to Martha's twin sister to find out what happened to her, or rather who, as the former seems to be pretty clear from the outset.

"At LKA, we start with a story. Often it's uncomfortable, not painless and based in truth. We learned a lot with [the studio's previous game] The Town of Light, and Martha Is Dead is taking everything we know and turning it up to 10," says LKA director Luca Dalco, adding the game would "shock, make players question the truth and, like The Town of Light, help continue a conversation around subject matters that still carry much stigma."

IGN already got to see some early gameplay footage from the first and third chapters of the game, featuring the moment Martha is discovered and what looks to be some exploration. Equal to the story trailer, this one's not giving too much away yet, but according to the developer, Martha Is Dead promises to be a "psychological thriller that combines disturbing and dreamlike tones with a mix of history, superstition and psychological distress" which, yeah, sounds quite distressing.