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Proven Lands is a sci-fi survival roguelike, seeks funding on Kickstarter

It's been a sc-fi kind of day in the PC gaming news ship. From mecha-judgement to pixellated piracy , the future will be filled with robots, adventure and so very much punching. All that's been missing is some synth-heavy exploration and survival. Fortunately, there's Proven Lands , a roguelike sandbox that hopes to scratch that '70s sci-fi itch.

The Kickstarter page is SO VERY FULL OF CAPITAL LETTERS. Here's a section:

"Starting with a backdrop of endless, procedurally generated terrain, PROVEN LANDS combines 3D, SCIENCE FICTION, SURVIVAL, SANDBOX, ROGUELIKE and RPG elements with an AI-driven GAME MASTER and on top of that: MODDING. The genre is a bit tricky here, we know it, but we are highly influenced by rogue-likes, the game is procedural, and in 3D. But see for yourself."

It's a beautiful looking thing, with a strong idea behind it. Crashing down on a planet full of randomly generated landscapes and behaviours, you get to explore, scavenge and survive, all while working through both scripted and procedural story elements. On top of this, your own character has a distinct personality, revealed to you through AI picked moods and ambitions that will need to be dealt with or fulfilled.

The team are looking to raise a hefty £299,000 over the next 33 days, with stretch goals on top. It's worth heading over to the funding page , to see what ambitious plans that money is hoping to secure. You can also head to the Proven Lands website, to check out the pre-alpha demo .

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