Galactic Princess is a 2D space survival adventure that's now funded through Kickstarter

The '80s were rubbish, and filled with mullets, giant mobile phones and knitted jumpers. Despite this, there's an almost (new) romantic nostalgia for the decade, thanks to musicians like Kavinsky and games like Hotline Miami. Luckily, these faux-'80s are great, and made better by the fact we don't have to live in the decade. Galactic Princess follows this theme, only this time with 2D space survival. Its excellent Kickstarter trailer teases sci-fi adventure, and looks something like a real-time '80s FTL.

As the captain of a smuggling ship, your job is to lead your crew to glory. Doing so can involve the space scuffles seen in the trailer, but also diplomacy and trade. According to the Kickstarter page , you can be nefarious in your mercantile dealings, with piracy, slave trading and drug dealing all potential options. Perhaps more dramatic is the ability to tailor the equipment and shape of your ship - something that will have a consequence on its physics and handling.

The game has already bypassed its £20,000 funding goal with six days left on the Kickstarter clock. A stellar selection of stretch goals are now being raced towards, with the £30,000 goal securing additional mechanics and extra polish.

For a better idea of how specific elements will work, an additional video has been released, showing the game's boarding action.

With funding guaranteed, Galactic Princess is still some way off. Its Kickstarter delivery estimate is set for December 2015.

Phil Savage

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