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Project Holodeck: a full virtual reality platform using Oculus Rift

Project Holodeck

The world just moved one step closer to every Star Trek fan's dream. Project Holodeck uses off-the-shelf DIY components, custom software and peripherals like the Oculus Rift to create a full VR "play space". Hopefully they think of a better use for the tech than as a "being on a ship" simulator .

According to its creators, "The goal of Project Holodeck is to bring 360-degree full-body virtual reality out of the research lab and into a fun, accessible consumer gaming platform." Right now they're teasing Wild Skies, a co-op game in which you must work together to navigate a nuclear-powered airship through "an exotic world of floating islands and dangerous adversaries."

The plan is for the tech to recognise full-body movement - effectively motion capping your actions in the game, and then displaying them through the Oculus Rift, peripheral vision and all. "To dodge bullets you'll actually have to move your body," explains Nathan Burba, project director for Holodeck. "You'll have to actually duck down inside of the ship and react to things. You'll have to look over your shoulder to make sure something isn't coming after you. You'll actually have to look around as if you were in reality. This is full-blown virtual reality - this isn't just a first-person shooter with a heads-up display."

Based on the above video, there's a way to go before it hits its potential, but it's exciting nonetheless. You can keep track of Holodeck at the project's website .

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