Prey trailer celebrates Earth Day with a look at the Recycler gadget

There are only a couple of weeks left until Arkane's Prey is finally out, so unless you're on the fence, or you really can't wait, you should probably try to resist watching any more trailers. To be fair, the following is an enjoyably silly and spoiler-free video made to coincide with Earth Day, which is a thing that is going on today.

In the trailer, we're afforded a glimpse of the game's nifty Recycler machine, which will convert any junk you feed it into delicious crafting components (thereby tenuously tying Prey into Earth Day). We're also shown protagonist Morgan Yu's potentially brilliant Recycler Charge: a grenade-style device that you can use to explode items, the scenery, and enemies to smithereens—and by 'smithereens' we here mean crystalline component balls, handy for making new stuff.

Out May 5, Prey is Dishonored developer Arkane's latest immersive sim: a sci-fi shooter set on an orbiting space station. If you want a more spoiler-ific exploration of the game (specifically, its first hour), have a read of Shaun Prescott's or James Davenport's hands-on previews.

Oh, and here's a video guide to the scary space station you'll be exploring during the game.

Tom Sykes

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