Prey's Talos-1 space station is opulent, ostentatious and likely to kill you

It wouldn't be the first time Arkane's incoming sci-fi FPS Prey has been compared to BioShock, however its latest trailer draws some serious parallels between the underwater dystopia Rapture and the setting of this outing: the Talos-1 space station. 

Previous snippets of life aboard the Talos have shown us our fiercest adversaries and how we might handle them, however the latest trailer gives us a tour of the opulent yet oppressive Talos-1 and the hazards it holds.

Like BioShock, it seems Prey's setting could play as big a part here as the characters and enemies themselves, and the idea of nipping out into space at will to reach certain areas in zero gravity sounds intriguing as far as its take on an open world map is concerned. 

Despite the fact the developers stress the station is as much of threat to players as the Typhon, I'm looking forward to leveraging airlocks, depressurised areas and explosives to my advantage. Or at least die trying—which is how my valiant experimentation tends to unfold in games like these.

I'm sure you'll fare far better when Prey lands on May 5, 2017.