Prey 'Playing with Powers' trailer details Morgan Yu's special abilities in quick succession

In yesterday's 'Weapons and Powers' trailer, Prey showed us how we'll mix-and-match conventional weapons with special abilities as we go up against its hostile Typhon aliens. Today's 'Playing with Powers' short explores these unique traits in greater detail, while outlining their pros and cons along the way. 

By virtue of the Neuromod device—an old-style camcorder-like contraption which alters your brain by inserting pins through your eyes—protagonist Morgan Yu acquires skills and abilities that he or she didn't have before. Some of these traits, so says the trailer below, are simply enhancements of regular human behaviours—such being able to run faster, jump higher, or aim with more precision—while others are lifted straight from the Typhons' repertoire. 

That's of course where all the cool coffee mug transformation, telekinesis, electrostatic bursting, machine minding and the likes comes into play. Here's Arkane's rundown of the powers and their effects in practice:

Arkane notes that the environment will react differently to Yu depending on the traits he/she takes on. An overreliance on alien powers, for example, will trick the Talos 1's security turrets into thinking you are an alien yourself and thus will open fire on sight. 

I like the idea of consequence preventing players from becoming overpowered. But in all honesty, there's no way I myself won't jump head-first into the alien gene pool come May 5 when Prey is due to land.