Prey 2 trailer features live action plane invasion

The first Prey 2 trailer has landed, or rather, taken off. It's a live action film starring real live human beings set on a plane that comes under attack from alien forces. While there's no in-game footage, the events of the new trailer match up with a few of Prey 2's rumoured features, which suggest that Prey 2 could be an open world game set on a seedy cyberpunk planet.

RPS have linked the trailer to an article by Kotaku , which suggests that you will play an Air marshal in Prey 2. The video below lends weight to the theory, as it clearly shows an air marshal trying to fight off the alien attack. The Kotaku article goes on to say that Prey 2 will be an open world game set in a seedy blade-runner style alien planet, where your air marshal lives as a bounty hunter, taking pursuing his targets in an open ended manner, with multiple ways to complete each objective.

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