Prey 2 audio logs reveal more of the cancelled game's story

(Image credit: Bethesda)

Prey 2 is one of the cancelled games I think about the most. That trailer was enough to build up a lot of anticipation and dreams of being a bounty hunter on an alien planet. Instead we got the excellent but dramatically different Prey from Arkane. We'll never be able to play Prey 2, but now we can listen to some audio logs. 

Uploaded by Andrew Borman, Museum of Play's digital games curator, the logs are all from the perspective of protagonist Killian Samuels, but all of them relate to his predecessor, Tommy. Some story details were reported in 2017 that made it clear Tommy was a big part of the sequel, and these logs give us a bit more background about their relationship. Give them a listen below. 

As the only humans on Exodus, the pair team up escape the city and stick to the alien villains that go around the galaxy gobbling everything up. Tommy might have made some enemies in the first game when he destroyed their ship. To be fair, they were trying to enslave humanity. 

Like most audio logs, they're exposition dumps that aren't that exciting to listen to, but as an artefact from a lost game, they're a bit more interesting. Arkane's Prey kept nothing from this version and doesn't continue the story, so the adventures of Tommy will have to remain a loose end. 

Last year, Borman posted a clip sent to him by Human Head, showing off nearly a minute of Prey 2 footage. It's loud, very neon and it's a shame we never got to take it for a spin.

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