Watch a minute of gameplay from Human Head's canceled Prey 2

The story of Prey 2 is long and ugly, ending with a complete cancellation followed by the release of Arkane's totally different game, Prey, in 2017. Arkane's Prey is extremely good, but curiosity about Prey 2 as it was originally envisioned—a spin-off game of outer-space bounty hunting, developed by Human Head—has persisted, because the bits and pieces we've seen of it look really damn cool. Last weekend, Andrew Borman, digital games curator at, shared a 51-second clip of prototype Prey 2 gameplay he'd been given—and it looks really damn cool. 

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A minute of gameplay does not make a game, but I love the visual style of the world, and the suggestion of plentiful verticality—something we also saw mentioned in our 2011 preview. Obviously Bethesda had reasons for canceling it that we can't see the breadth of, but between this and the plot twist we learned about last year—which as it turns out bears an interesting resemblance to a [spoiler alert!] twist in Arkane's Prey—I really do wish this one had made it to the finish line, too.

For those of you who missed the splash Prey 2 made at E3 2011, enjoy.

Andy Chalk

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