Portal 2 comic out tomorrow

Portal 2 comic

Valve are releasing a free Portal 2 comic tomorrow with a story that aims to bridge the considerable time gap between the two games. According to Valve it will feature a "much-rumored yet never seen character," and was created in-house by writer Ted Kosmatka and artist Andrea Wicklund, in collaboration with Portal 2 writers, Chet Faliszeck and Erik Wolpaw.

IGN will be hosting the comic on Friday, and already have some preview pages up, so you can get a taste of the art style and some of the overriding themes. The madness of the main character seems to be one of them. Either that, or the companion cube really is talking to him. For more Portal 2, check out the latest Portal 2 trailer , devoted to the game's lovely, huggable turrets. The game's out on April 19 in the US, and April 21 in Europe. That's less than two weeks away!

Tom Senior

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