Portal 2 trailer sells turrets, contains secret messages

The latest Portal 2 trailer tells you why you'd want to own your very own Aperture Science turret, probably the friendliest tools of death you're ever likely to fall victim to. This is more than just another Portal 2 trailer, however, hidden away between the cuts there are secret messages, encoded in ASCII, which feed back into the mysterious goings on in Steam's recent potato sack sale .

Above is a freeze frame from the new Portal 2 trailer, taken at about the 38 second mark. The string of numbers running across the top is the second part of a message that was translated by diligent members of the Valve ARG wiki . Here's the message.

"Here's Da Beens, Dougtato: You found many. Find the rest. MiKaXsUs FTW Also... superdinoman's mom."

A collection of updates in each of the indie games featured in the Potato sack sale have unveiled a number of clues. Playing the Super Meat Boy soundtrack in Audiosurf reveals a giant potato at the end of the level, a poster outside of Toki Tori developers HQ has another clue, and hints in The Wonderful End of the World have led investigators to the a series of blogs from fictional people . It's all related to an overarching potato plot, but there's no end point in sight yet.

Tom Senior

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