Poop on everything in Pigeon Simulator

After revealing the secrets of goats and bread, the physics wizards at Bossa Studios are now shining the spotlight on the true master of Earth's cities: the mighty pigeon. Like Goat Simulator, Pigeon Simulator looks like another sandbox where mayhem is the goal, and as you can see in the announcement trailer above, pigeons are pretty skilled at sowing chaos. 

As a bird, you'll be able to shoot poop at foolish humans, smash their windows, murder them, pick them up and drop them on stuff—all the normal things you probably see pigeons do every single day. 

Pigeon Simulator was first teased back in early June by Kevin Suckart, who is part of Bossa's prototype team, and the reception to the extremely silly gifs convinced the studio that it needed to be pursued. Work has officially started on it now, and you should expect more news about the avian sim soon. 

In the meantime, look at these gifs:

Fraser Brown
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