Players are still creating gorgeous For Honor shield emblems

For Honor's second season was recently announced, and it's bringing a couple new heroes and maps with it when it kicks off on May 16. Because of this news, I decided to jump back into the den of some of the game's most creative players (, and see what they've come up with since the last time we checked in. If you want to see more awesome For Honor emblems, check out Part 1 and Part 2.

The first one I want to highlight is an emblem by Reddit user JayySpicey that exemplifies why sometimes simpler is better. It's the Quen sign used by Geralt in The Witcher series. In CD Projekt Red's RPG series, the Quen sign gives Geralt a shield which protects him from harm. It's only fitting that someone put this on a real shield.

Source: Reddit user JayySpicey

Another JayySpicey emblem gives Nintendo's underdog Kirby the respect he deserves. Again, it's simple, but it gets Kirby's design across perfectly. The minimalist design that is present in many For Honor emblems is actually my favourite part of the in-game creator. It puts people's creativity to the test, and the players rarely fail to prove they have imaginations.

Source: Reddit user JayySpicey

Of course, it's not surprising to see an emblem created in tribute to From Software's Dark Souls series. The fans are passionate, and that includes user Vaccom who brought a bonfire to life in emblem form.

Source: Reddit user Vaccom

Reddit user Incendio_Wolf took the time to put the Green Ranger from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers into the emblem creator. It's a job well done, instantly recognizable by fans of the series. Best of all, it makes me want to load up For Honor just to try and create an emblem for each of the rangers. Now I kinda want to see a Power Rangers game in the For Honor emblem.

Source: Reddit user Incendo_Wolf

Lastly, user Sleepytummies has created my favourite emblem of today's collection. They've made an emblem for each member of The Gorillaz, which is impressive to say the least. It's this type of creativity that is most surprising. Sure, you expect to see a dozen Batmans, a handful of Deadpools, and countless other superheroes, but it takes a truly creative person to capture less recognizable characters so perfectly. Kudos, Sleepytummies. Kudos.

Source: Reddit user Sleepytummies

Source: Reddit user Sleepytummies

Alright, I have one more to share. If you've followed me at all, you'll know I'm a huge Boba Fett fan, and... well, I just had to post this one by user Lohnstar. I still haven't made one that looks half decent. Also, as someone who isn't a huge fan of the jedi part of Star Wars, I would sure as heck play a jedi fighting game in the For Honor game.

Source: Reddit user Lohnstar