'Player-curated' Featured Contracts are coming to Hitman this month

The final Hitman Elusive Target has (hopefully) been dispatched, but there's still plenty of killing to be done. Developer Io Interactive announced today that the August content schedule will see a new Challenge Pack added to the game, along with ten new Featured Contracts and also the first-ever batch of "player-curated" Featured Contracts.    

"These contracts will function in the same way to the Featured Contracts that you’ve come to know and love in the game, with one big twist: one of our players will curate the list," Rockstar said. "These player-curated contracts will offer a fresh twist to the style of contracts that will be featured in the game and give all players a chance to get an insight into how some of the prominent members of the Hitman community play the game." 

The first curator will be Mendietinha, "a Brazilian streamer who lives for discovering new routes in contracts and the ultimate rekky." I have no idea what a "rekky" is ("record"? or "rekt"?) but Io said his curated contracts will go live later this month, so perhaps we'll find out then. 

The new Challenge Pack, the sixth so far, will be called "The Art of Revenge," and as with previous packs will offer a higher level of location mastery than regular challenges, making it a good way to earn mastery unlocks—if you can pull them off. This pack will be set in Hokkaido and will feature five separate challenges, all of which must be completed to unlock a unique item. 

The new Featured Contracts and the Challenge Pack will be released on August 11, while the player-curated Featured Contracts will arrive later in the month. A new game update isn't planned for this month, and the September content schedule will be similar to August's, "with a focus on Contracts Mode and a new Challenge Pack," Io said. "That relative calm will give us time to prepare for some exciting announcements." 

Andy Chalk

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