Hitman's final Season 1 Elusive Target lands tomorrow

After outlining its monthly road map last week, Hitman has confirmed its 26th and final Season One Elusive Target. Starting tomorrow at 1pm BST/5am PST, the target will feature in game's Marrakesh level for ten days.  

As with the other quarter century of Elusive hits, the same rules apply here: missions can't be restarted once engaged meaning you only get one shot—do not miss yer chance to blow. 

Should this be your first ever Elusive Target kill in sunny Marrakesh, you'll land yourself the Summer Suit with Gloves attire. And should you earn the 'Silent Assassin' rating, your progress will count towards unlocking Agent 47's Winter Suit, although I don't imagine that's needed in Morocco.

"At this point, you'll need to have already earned 4 Silent Assassin ratings from the previous 12 ET's before starting The Entertainer to be able to unlock the prestigious Winter Suit via Elusive Targets," says IO via an update post. The following still shows off what's required to ascertain specific rewards.

According to the above-linked post, Elusive Target number 26 has two central objectives: Eliminate Mr Giggles, and locate and acquire the Client List. Good luck when the time comes.