Play Titanfall 2 for free this weekend

Electronic Arts is hosting a free, all-you-can-kill multiplayer trial of Titanfall 2 this weekend, beginning on November 30 for Origin Access members and December 2 for everyone else. From then until December 4 (specific times haven't been announced, and the "click here for more details" link currently isn't clickable), "a full offering" of all maps, modes, and weapons, including the new content added with the release of the Angel City's Most Wanted DLC on December 3, will be available to everyone. 

Much like the nearly-half-price discount applied to Titanfall 2 a couple weeks ago that continued through Cyber Monday, it's hard not to see this weekend freebie as a sign that, despite all the critical plaudits, the game is just not selling as well as hoped. In fact, despite enjoying the sort of praise that usually guarantees a sequel, especially in the world of triple-A games, EA appears to be waffling on the future of the series: It remains "committed to the franchise," as a publicist recently said, but not even Respawn boss Vince Zampella knows what that actually means. 

Clearly, the hope now is that if you'll just try the thing for a little bit, you'll find out how good it really is and throw your money in the appropriate direction. It's too bad that such a good game has to rely on that sort of optimism, but on the upside, it's always nice to have the opportunity to try a game before you lay down your cash.

If you take part in the trial and decide to spring for the full game when it's over, any progress made will carry over. You will of course need an Origin account to take part, which you can get (along with the game itself) at

Andy Chalk

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