Play Overwatch with a Portal gun thanks to this new Workshop mod

Modders have brought Chell's portal gun to Overwatch.

Created with Overwatch Workshop, a new, in-game modding tool, the gun isn't just cosmetic, either. Thanks to Overwatch Workshop's ability to let players change game's rules to accommodate new modes and features, the gun can be used to fire entrance and exit portals, too. 

It even obeys Portal's own law of "speedy thing goes in, speedy thing goes out", allowing players to build up momentum and fling themselves all over the map.

"Lymbow and myself made a working Portal gun that conserves momentum with the @PlayOverwatch workshop!" creator Andy tweeted, sharing a video of the mod in action (thanks, LadBible). Set against Portal's iconic soundtrack, it looks incredible. Here, take a peek:

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If you fancy a go yourself, use the code BE2J7 to unlock the mode in the workshop. 

The Overwatch Workshop has only been available for a few days and players have already made good use of the tools. Here's our pick of the best Overwatch Workshop codes we've seen so far (not including the Portal one, obvs…).