Play Low Mem Sky, a chill game inspired by No Man's Sky

Well, this is a treat. Game Dev Paul Nicholas, participating in DemakeJam on, has created a No Man's Sky inspired game in Pico-8 called Low Mem Sky. It's got a spaceship you can fly around, procedurally generated planets to land on and collect resources from, and roughly 180,383,121,450 star systems to visit. That's quite a few, so you'd better get started.

"Unfortunately, I was unable to add all the features I wanted to during the jam period," Nicholas states on the Low Mem Sky page, where you can play the chill space game in your browser. "I hope to be able to work on this, post-jam, to add more features (like mining, animal species, sentinels, "usable" space stations for trading)."  

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Impressively, Low Mem Sky was made in just 12 days. The music (by Chris Donnelly) is charming, it's got a clever little minimap you help you navigate, and it's the perfect space fix between sessions of No Man's Sky. Make sure you check it out.

Christopher Livingston
Senior Editor

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