Play Half-Life levels in Dusk with Doom's music, why not

The alpha release of Dusk's SDK brought mod support to the retro shooter and, as we noted at the time, that included the ability to play Quake and Half-Life maps in Dusk. The latest update adds custom music and that is why you can, as New Blood Interactive demonstrate in the video above, play Half-Life maps with Doom's music in Dusk. 

That's Anomalous Materials up there, the second level of Half-Life, with Dusk's scientist enemies—who were inspired by Half-Life's scientists, bringing them full circle. 

Though it's early days (Steam Workshop support is planned in the future), Dusk's modding scene has already brought us an equivalent of the classic NUTS.WAD, a joke mod for Doom with 10,617 enemies that was unplayable on PCs at the time, and a giant anime sword from the Fate/ series.

The full patch notes are actually pretty long.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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