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PlatinumGames teases a big announcement for February 27

(Image credit: PlatinumGames)
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PlatinumGames is getting ready to make another "major announcement" this month, following the launch of its now successful Kickstarter for ports of The Wonderful 101 (opens in new tab). Teased in this week's issue of Famitsu, the announcement itself will take place within the magazine's pages on February 27. 

This announcement will be the second of four. That's if the mysterious Platinum 4 website (opens in new tab) is anything to go by. What it actually is? That's anyone's guess. 

Last year, Platinum did tease (opens in new tab) that it was "designing something that has never been done before." Since then, it's been pretty quiet about this mystery project, but the reveal could be up next. Or perhaps that's being saved for the fourth and final reveal. 

So what else could the announcement be? I'd love a follow-up to Nier: Automata. Give me more sad robots and cyborg action. I'd also settle for last year's futuristic detective slasher Astral Chain losing its Nintendo Switch exclusivity and hopping over to PC. The studio say it wants all of its games on PC (opens in new tab).

Just before bringing Bayonetta and Vanquish to PC in 2018, Platinum did say it was working on two self-published titles (opens in new tab), and it sounded like they'd be original games rather than remasters or sequels. So maybe we'll hear about one of them?

Cheers, (opens in new tab) via Gematsu (opens in new tab).