Where to get the plasma cannon in Fortnite

plasma cannon fortnite
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Fortnite season 7 has introduced a number of new alien weapons and items, and this week we've got a big addition with some big firepower. The plasma cannon is designed to destroy large areas ("cannon" was probably a giveaway there).

Previous weapons like the ray gun and the alien nanites helped players navigate tricky fights, but the plasma cannon will add a whole new level of pressure to enemies as they try to dodge its significant damage.

You'll need to get your hands on a plasma cannon first, though. So we've done the research for you to find out where to get a plasma cannon.

Where to get a plasma cannon in Fortnite

You can find a plasma cannon inside of IO loot chests that are found on the IO bases scattered around the map. Just look for the bright red lights adorning their satellite dishes. The IO loot chests are longer foot locker versions of loot chests, and may also contain an Inflate-a-Bull and other weapons or items.

There's at least one IO chest on each IO base. I've had luck finding them in a base's garage on occasion.

Crafting a plasma cannon

You can also craft a plasma cannon, which might be your only chance if you have no luck finding one on an IO base. You'll need one legendary pistol and one alien nanite. Then just open up the crafting menu and combine the two items to form a plasma cannon. It won't be easy finding either item, but read below to make the call on whether the plasma cannon does enough damage to warrant the effort.

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How to use the plasma cannon

The plasma cannon is designed to destroy basically anything in its path, making it great for barreling through walls and other structures. Players caught in its explosion will also be significantly damaged. Check out the video below for an idea of how it works.

Plasma cannon stats:

Damage: 33 to players, 550 damage to structures.
Magazine size: 1
Fire rate: 1

You'll want to be accurate with the plasma cannon since it'll take awhile to charge up another shot. That said, you don't have to be too accurate since it covers a wide area.

Ideally you'll use it to flush enemies out of hiding or to annihilate their structures in a late-game building battle. Why flank when you can destroy?

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