Planetside 2 players are organising a record breaking battle

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World records are hard. They take determination. You can't just grow the world's tallest mohican in a day. You need an abundance of time and effort to build the world's largest drum set. And world's tallest dog? You have to be really tall. And a dog. Nevertheless, people continue to chase the dream of being recognised for their achievements.

Planetside 2 players, for instance, are trying to get the world record for the most players online in an FPS battle. That might sound easy—just log on and shoot each other—but have you tried organising even a small number of FPS players? You'd have an easier time securing the record for most cats in a bucket.

The number to beat is 999 players fighting it out on the battlefield—a record achieved by the game Man vs. Machine. That game was designed specifically for the purpose, and themselves took the title from the first Planetside.

The record calls for "greatest number of players simultaneously (in one single instance) in one server on an online FPS (First-Person Shooter) video game." Planetside 2's attempt will take place on 24 January, and its details can be found on the game's forum.

"Our record attempt will consist of approximately 1,100 players and take place on the Jaeger competitive server as a 3 way match on Hossin," writes organiser OdinsPride. "pitting each FACTION, not servers, against each other. What this means is that a TR from Connery will be fighting alongside the combined TR populations from all servers; the same goes for the NC and VS."

If you'd like to help, you can apply via this Google form. Note that filling in the form doesn't guarantee you'll be picked to take part.

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