Man vs. Machine breaks world records with 999-player battle

Man vs. Machine record breaking attempt

Last week we mentioned the Man vs. Machine world record attempt , which hoped to get a thousand players together on one server for a massive scrap. They fell ONE SHORT of their intended target, but successfully broke the world record. Woo!

The system crashed just short of the 1000 player mark. The devs brought the server back up and the game continued for another two hours. In the end, the Machines emerged victorious. “It was amazing. We did not imagine the amount of interest that this game would generate," said MuchDifferent CEO, Christian Lönnholm. "Almost until the end we were averaging around 980 players at any given moment. It was a blast!”

The Guinness World Record external observer returned, satisfied, to the Great Tower of Records, and confirmed two days later that the event had indeed broken the world record for most players in a single game.

"This would not have been possible without the players, so I'd like to send a special warm and loving “thank you” to them!" says Lönnholm. "Thank you for bringing such creativity to both the battlefield and to the chat. You had me laughing, giggling and spilling coffee throughout the event!” There was too much lag to take any effective video, but the devs took a few screenshots of the event, which feature MANY LASERS. Here they are.

Tom Senior

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