Planet Coaster’s most incredible player creations

Planet Coaster recently celebrated its second birthday, marked by this trailer featuring highlights from the game. But one of the best things about Frontier’s park builder is how powerful its creation tools are, which the following player-made parks and coasters are clear evidence of.

Aliens: The Ride by Hin Nya

This one got a lot of press when it was released, and rightly so. It’s an astonishing thing. This 10+ minute epic takes you through all the major events in James Cameron’s action-packed Alien sequel, from dropping down to Hadley’s Hope to facing a massive animatronic alien queen.

Monopoly by Chant

This imaginative mod not only lets you create a Planet Coaster park with a cute visual theme inspired by Monopoly, but you can actually go in and play a giant version of the famous boardgame too. Chris spent some time with it earlier this year, and you can read all about it here

Moonraker by Brad Hamilton

Another movie-themed ride, this time based on Bond classic Moonraker. You know, the one where he goes to space. This elaborate creation follows the events of the film, from that amazing chase through the canals of Venice to that laser battle on villain Hugo Drax’s space station.

Grimestone Mine by RCT D!

I wouldn’t be surprised if you told me this coaster was a replica of one from a real theme park. The ride takes you through a dilapidated old gold mine and, thanks to some beautiful ambient lighting, is incredibly atmospheric. The talent of the Planet Coaster community really is something else.

TRON by TommyT 067

This incredible-looking ride is based on Disney’s sci-fi classic TRON, and faithfully captures the memorable black-and-neon aesthetic of the movie brilliantly. The track mirrors the hard turns of the film’s iconic light cycles and takes you through a dazzling neon cityscape.

Coco by Tricky

If you haven’t seen the hilarious, heart-wrenching Pixar film Coco yet, do yourself a favour and go watch it right now. Then check out this amazing roller coaster based on the movie. The vast graveyard scene, decked out in Day of the Dead decorations, is especially impressive here.

Alien City by Fu_films

This coaster sends you speeding through a seemingly endless, colourful cityscape—presumably the capital of some distant alien world. The use of multicoloured neon signs and lights gives the landscape a Blade Runner-esque density of detail, and the ride itself is pretty exciting too.

Death Star Strike by Chuck Maurice

If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you crossed the Death Star battle from the end of Star Wars with a roller coaster, well, wonder no more. This creative ride opens with a jump to lightspeed before throwing you through a space battle and then into the depths of the Death Star.

Andy Kelly

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