Planet Coaster free spring update adds vandals, pickpockets, CCTV

With rival Rollercoaster Tycoon's most recent outing flattering to deceive, Frontier's Planet Coaster has become the modern champion of theme park simulations. Since release last year, it's received a number of new rides, mechanics and blueprints—not to mention some uber cool mods—and its next update, due next month, looks to continue this trend. 

Set to arrive on April 11, Planet Coaster's free-of-charge spring update brings with it three new rollercoasters, three full-customisable flatrides, the 'Speed' go-kart thrill ride, and new 'crime and security' features. 

"Dissatisfied guests may vandalize park scenery, and pickpockets will infiltrate your park to steal other guests’ cash," says Frontier of the latter. "A crime-ridden park will see guests’ happiness fall along with your profits, but security guards and CCTV cameras are on hand to keep park guests safe and prevent mischief-makers from spoiling the fun."

Speaking to the former, the spring update will introduce the Steel Hydra - the game's first suspended swinging coaster. The Trident stands as two new shuttle coasters, while the Bakasura is billed as "Trident's bigger, badder brother" as an inverted 'boomerang' ride. 

The Elixir Machine—"360 degrees of spinning, swinging, twisting, upside-down insanity"—is one of the update's new flatrides, as is the classic ZoZo and Big Wheel.  

Planet Coaster's spring update is due April 11. In the meantime, have a gander at Jody Macgregor's review