Pimax promises gifts among birthday celebrations and 12k VR Headset launch

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As VR becomes even more commonplace in the home thanks to affordable and portable options like the Oculus Quest 2, we're seeing a split in VR users. Some are after that easy low cost experience, but many are using the improvements in technology to level up the experience's fidelity. One company that's going all in on trying to give you the best VR experience is Pimax with its impressive high resolution offerings with 200 degree field of view.

The second quarter of this year marks the seven-year anniversary of Pimax's development, and the brand is looking to celebrate. This comes alongside what is set to be the launch of the VR 3.0 line of products. Starting with the launch of the new Crystal, and hopefully later the Pimax 12k QLED, which we are looking forward to seeing in action. Though it's likely going to take a beast of a machine to run at its best.

Of course, with specs like what Pimax offers, it isn't the cheapest option on the market when it comes to VR. The company does do a very nice trade in offer, for its own headsets. These deals are often so good it can be fairly cheap to upgrade from unit to unit. If you're planning to stay on the cutting edge of VR headsets, you can start now and upgrade when new products launch. That being said, with the celebrations Pimax has planned it might be worth waiting just a little longer.

The brand is being tight-lipped about what exactly is in store for the seven-year celebrations but Pimax states they set to start next Monday. It looks like the plan might be to release different offers as the celebration goes on, but there's no word on how long that will be. Still if it's the chance of a cheaper next gen 12K headset, it definitely sounds worth a look.

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Pimax mentions big discounts and trading program bonuses in the press email, but the details are slim, and instead encourages people to check out the Pimax website on the days to find out what deals are on offer. It promises "huge and memorable gifts" for VR fans both new and old, in thanks to the loyal customers already onboard, and encouraging new fans to get into some high-end VR headsets.

From everything we've seen Pimax seems like a brand bent on getting people into VR. If you're looking for that high definition VR experience it's hard to find a better deal, especially when it comes to trade in bonuses. Still there are other headsets on the market, with Meta's Oculus successor due out next month, our list of Best VR headsets for 2022 could be about to get shaken up.

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