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Phantom Dust remaster is hitting PC this week, and it's free

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Microsoft announced an Xbox One exclusive re-make of Phantom Dust back in 2014, but things have changed since then. Firstly, the re-make was cancelled in favour of a (presumably much cheaper) remaster, and secondly, it's no longer an Xbox One exclusive. Not only will the remaster be launching on PC, but it will be doing so this week and it'll be free.

The news comes via Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, who made the announcement on Twitter. The game will release on the Windows Store on May 16 as a Play Anywhere title, meaning if you have an Xbox One you'll be able to use the same save games with the PC version. The multiplayer component will also feature cross-play between both platforms.

The offer isn't limited either: Greenberg later confirmed that it will be permanently free, though it's possible to "buy multiplayer cards", though players who don't do that "will not be penalized".

The re-make has 16:9 support and "some nice frame rate updates". Sure, it's not the full blown remake we were waiting for in 2014, but then, it wasn't coming to PC back then either. It's a free game.

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