PETA makes super Tofu boy, Team Meat add him to Super Meat Boy

Super Tofu Boy

Animal rights charity PETA have released a parody of Super Meat Boy called Tofu Boy, in which you play as a living block of Tofu, braving dangerous levels in a quest to rescue your girlfriend from an evil version of Meat Boy. Far from being angered by PETA's game, Team Meat has decided to put Tofu buy into Super Meat Boy as a special character.

PETA's Super Tofu Boy can be played now on the PETA website . Team Meat announced the introduction of Tofu Boy on Twitter , saying "attention internets!: Just finished animating Tofu Boy, he will be playable in the next update via code (update coming tomorrow)"

It'll be a PC exclusive update, too, with Team Meat saying they "cant update XBLA like we can on steam". Super Meat Boy players might want to keep an eye on their game, as a Team Meat are adding a secret Steam achievement to the game later today. For more information about Super Meat Boy check out the official Super Meat Boy site. The game's available to buy now on Steam and Direct 2 Drive .

[via VG247 ]

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