PES 2013 release date is September 21

PES 2013 has elbowed its way into the September release schedule just four days before Fifa 13 is due to arrive. If you're certain that this year's PES can overtake the on-form opposition, you'll want to take a highlighter pen and attack the September 21 on your calendar. You could even grab a biro and draw a doodle of a man kicking a ball through Fifa's face, if you like. Go nuts. Fifa 13, meanwhile, is out in the US on September 25 and Europe on September 28.

On-the-box improvements in the box include better goalkeeper behaviour and "pro-active AI" as well as "PES full control" which, as you might expect, gives players "fully manual control over every pass and shot." There will be 150 licensed teams, including bit hitters like Man U, Real Madrid and Barcelona, and a bunch of Brazilian teams. There's plenty more info over on the PES 2013 site . If you're curious, you can play a few matches before release with the PES 2013 PC demo .

Tom Senior

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