PES 2012 update to tweak team rosters and player stats

Pro Evo Soccer - battle of the stripes

An update is incoming for Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, updating roster lists and player stats to keep them current with the current state of the world's leagues. Expect a sudden boost to Tevez' sulk meter, a severely increased percentage of open goal misses for Fernando Torres and a sudden hike in relative arrests for Wayne Rooney.

29 teams will have their kits tweaked, 13 new styles of boots will be added and a total of 160 clubs will be updated to better reflect their current form. The update will arrive on October 11, and will only affects US players at the moment because PES isn't out in Europe until next Friday. It's going to have to work hard to stand up to Fifa 12's 3.2 million week one sales .

Tom Senior

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