PC Hardware: The Ultimate Guide 2016


Our latest hardware special is out now in the UK! Whether you're building a new rig or upgrading your current one, we've got something for you. Find guides to everything from building your first PC to overclocking your GPU, a features section dedicated to virtual reality, and a huge reviews roundup featuring every crucial PC component.

You can snatch a copy off the shelves, order direct from My Favourite Magazines or get it on your many devices through Google Play, the App Store or Zinio the minute they update.


  • 10-page illustrated guide to building a PC from scratch.
  • Hardware buyer's guide for every price range.
  • Overclock your Skylake CPU.
  • A guide to overclocking your graphics card.
  • Awesome case mods and how to build them.
  • An exclusive look inside Oculus HQ along with our review of the Oculus Rift.
  • Get ready for VR, from your room to your rig.
  • The latest on VR benchmarking tech.
  • The best software for your VR-ready rig.
  • Get the most out of Windows 10.
  • Reviews of CPUs, motherboards, GPUs, SSDs, keyboards, mice, gamepads, headsets and more.

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Chris Thursten

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