PC Gaming Alliance contest carries Intel Ultrabook grand prize

PC Gaming Alliance contest

The PC Gaming Alliance, a non-profit group composed of influential hardware and software developers such as Intel and Epic, revealed today its Game United Contest and asked for entrants to record a video or write a wiki entry on the value and future of PC gaming for an Intel Ultrabook grand prize.

Four winners will be selected from a half-and-half mixture of judge selections and public vote, with each victor receiving Intel's high-powered hardware. Two runners-up in each category receive other hardware goodies from PCGA members such as Logitech, Asus, and HP. Originality and conciseness factor into judging, as well as relevance and quality of information.

Head over to the contest page for more info and a large, friendly "enter now" button if you're interested.

Omri Petitte

Omri Petitte is a former PC Gamer associate editor and long-time freelance writer covering news and reviews. If you spot his name, it probably means you're reading about some kind of first-person shooter. Why yes, he would like to talk to you about Battlefield. Do you have a few days?