PC Gamer's Mint Imperials hit Korriban with an impressive show of force. Also: streaking

[VAMS id="Kq3k0lbdbY4W0"]

Star Wars: The Old Republic's world can sometimes feel a little lonely. Companions are good for crafting and questing but they don't do much dancing or streaking of their own accord. And some of them get annoyed if you farm bodies for dark side points. Eh... MAKO?

That all changed for me at 10pm on launch day. The above footage was taken at the steps of the Sith Academy in Korriban; it's the busiest I've ever seen an area in TOR, the greatest moment of my Old Republic experience so far, and a testament to the awesomeness of PC Gamer's EU guild: The Mint Imperials . Thanks to all that attended, danced and streaked. And apologies to anyone who couldn't join the instance because Bioware's server was imploding.

The EU guild is not currently recruiting, but we'll be accepting new members after January 3. Any members who've applied to join pre-launch, and have been accepted, will need to log in to the game client in order to confirm their slot before that date. We're on the Nightmare Lands server. Alternatively, sign up for the Revel Alliance - our Republic rivals. They're also on the Nightmare Lands server.

US PC Gamers should sign up to PC Gamer US's guild, The Coconut Monkeys . I'm sure they'll be equally heart-warming scenes on their server: The Crucible Pits. For more infomation on either guild, check out our forums .

Our review of The Old Republic will be online as soon as possible. Until then, check out our Beginner's Guide .