PC Gamer US Podcast 247 – Soviet Interference

We managed to carve out an hour and seventeen minutes (before succumbing to radio propaganda attacks from the U.S.S.R.) today to address the state of Call of Duty: Black Ops on PC. Logan, Evan, Andy, former intern Erik Belsaas and Stan Press from Astro Gaming convene to share their multiplayer and single-player impressions and thoughts on the patience-hampering stuttering issue many players are still experiencing.

And as we monitor Dan's conversion to zombiehood while he's at home in sick-quarantine, he guides us our chat on UK retailers' claim that Steam is "killing the PC market," which has sparked a massive comment thread on this-here website.

Prepare your secret Soviet decoder ring! Download here.

Bonus note: by all accounts, our iTunes feed is fully operational. Let us know if you're still having issues.


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