PC Gamer US, July issue: Heavy-hitting sequels with Mass Effect 3 & Skyrim

July 2011

At PC Gamer, we're all about giving. Our July 2011 issue just hit newsstands with a generous look at Mass Effect 3: who's back, why it matters, and what the skinny is on those silly Reapers. Further in, Chris braved the frosty summits of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and lived to tell write eight pages about it—no dragon was left unturned, despite Chris' pet peeve of being drenched in molten liquid-fire breath. As if that weren't enough, we've got tons of content just waiting to be fervidly read in the latest issue. Come get a sneak peek of what Issue 215 has in store.

Our Monitor and Massive Attack sections kick things off, with Josh giving you in-depth looks at two gorgeous upcoming games, TERA and Prime World, that are so colorful they seem to jump off the page. It's also got an extensive guide to the Hall of Monuments in Guild Wars, breaking down exactly which pieces of loot you'll want to get, and how to get them. Dan gets the preview he's been waiting to cover for years now—a look at a spiritual successor to the original X-COM, Xenonauts, where turn-based alien hunting is the only kind of alien-hunting.

You'll also get tons of reviews, including Evan's verdict on Operation Flashpoint, the skinny on indie all-star Anomaly: Warzone Earth, and what kind of score we give a game entitled Dino D-Day.

Extra Life takes you on a trip down memory lane as Andy Mahood waxes nostalgic about FreeSpace 2. We also showcase a Left 4 Dead map that recreates Metal Gear Solid, and provide Rob Zacny's step-by-step guide to conquering feudal territories in Shogun 2.

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