PC Gamer UK Podcast 002: Planet Coaster, HTC Vive, The Division

Planet Coaster Alpha Screenshots 2

Can we turn rollercoasters into deathtraps? Can we take down our target in convoluted ways? Can we hold meetings from the cockpit of a Cobra Mk.IV? Can we aim a bolt-action rifle at the critical consensus? Can we alienate ourselves from a quaint country community? Can we order an R2 unit to gather our berries? Yes, we can do all of these things. But should we?

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Discussed: Planet Coaster, Hitman, HTC Vive, The Division, Stardew Valley, Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, Calls of Duty (Various).

This week: Samuel Roberts, Tom Senior, Phil Savage, Andy Kelly

Note: This week, Andy got the duff mic. Apologies that he’s so quiet. The good news is that we’ve now identified the duff mic. We’ll get a replacement sorted for next week’s cast.

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Music this week is from Red Alert.