PC Gamer UK October issue - Portal 2


PC Gamer 218 has already emerged through the letterbox-shaped portals in our subscribers' doors. You can now buy it via the newsagent-shaped portals in your town or city. Do you see the rhythm I'm building here? This month we sent Tom to Valve in a plane-shaped portal, and he came back not just with the first information on Portal 2's brand new co-op, but interviews with Gabe Newell about Valve's follies, future and Left 4 Dead's fairy origins. Oh my.

"But," you croak. "My computer won't be able to run these games! It is a pitiful thing, puny and pathetic, putrid and petrified of Portal 2 and its prettiness." Don't worry. We've put together a ten-page manual that explains everything you need to know about buying and building a new PC. What should you look for in a motherboard? What happens if you bend a CPU pin? How does it all fit together, and how do you make it boot when you're done? Our guide will take you through it all.

If you've already built your beastly PC gaming rig, then all you need are the games. This month we fire our explosive critic-beams (Rich's is often particularly deadly) at some of the year's biggest, reviewing Civilization V , StarCraft II , and Need for Speed: World .

Not content? We also spin our grand eye of gaming toward our glorious future with previews of Medal of Honour , FIFA 11 , Stronghold 3 , Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit and Magicka .

PC Gamer Issue 218 is a magazine-shaped portal to gaming wonder (with a possible application as a shower curtain). It's on sale now, both in shops and online .