PC Gamer UK, October issue: Guild Wars 2


This month, get ready for Guild Wars 2 and the other MMO titans preparing to hit the scene in the next few months - The Secret World, Wildstar and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Inside, we speak to the developers and go hands on to see which are the most likely to destroy your free time. The latest issue should be landing on subscribers' doormats very soon. Inside, you'll find sorcery! Free Games! Diablo 3! Laptops! Deus Ex! Garbage Truck Simulator 2011!

And more? Of course! That's not even close to being everything this month...

(Special subscriber bonus! Enjoy this great Wildstar artwork as well as the growly Guild Wars 2 version you'll be seeing at your local newsagent! What's Wildstar? Find out inside...)

In Previews, Tom Francis delves deep into Diablo 3 to try out every single class on his quest to decide which he'll be taking to battle against the big red one. We also speak with Project Zomboid creators The Indie Stone about life as the world's most cursed developer, and bring you the latest on Rage, Might and Magic Heroes VI, Payday: The Heist, and the big-D's youngest rival, Torchlight II.

Over in Reviews, celebrate ten years of ArmA with our look at the Anniversary edition - the whole series in one box. We also check out Limbo, From Dust, Tropico 4, Fallout: New Vegas - Old World Blues, and the two biggest team-ups of the month - Gods and Heroes, and Space Pirates and Zombies. All of which obviously pales next to the hit game everyone's talking about: Garbage Truck Simulator 2011. Could it be the greatest game you've never played? Anything's possible! (Disclaimer: Except that.)

Recovering from the excitement there with a soothing bath in the ocean of relaxation that is Extra Life, most of team tries to get to grips with League of Legends while Tim falls prey to the Facebook charms of Empires and Allies. Tom Senior brings you the latest from EVE Online's Incarna update, home of hyper-expensive monocles and also some other things, while another Tom entirely gives you the only guide you need to being the best Adam Jensen you can be in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Finally, Graham gets back in touch with an old love by the name of SimGolf. Sid Meier and Maxis in one game? "It's like Pixar and Studio Ghibli making a film together," he says. "But that's not why I keep coming back."

And even that is just the start of the wonder and whimsy in this month's packed PC Gamer. Subscribers should have their copies now, with copies landing in the shops and in shiny digital form on August 31st. If you'd like to be special too, and get every issue delivered to your door before they hit stores, why not subscribe? You'll save 28% by signing up for a year , or a whopping 35% for two . If you live outside of the UK, or prefer reading on a magic tablet from the future, check out our Zinio digital edition.