PC Gamer UK November issue - Guild Wars 2

issue 219 gw2 thumb

Issue 219 is a magazine, but it's also a handy one-handed mace if rolled up correctly, or even a makeshift oar for a raft. You can use the disc to reflect light at a vampire, or use the plastic wallet to store loot. Issue 219, then, is a lot like your character in Guild Wars 2; it can take on any role you need it to. Guild Wars 2 is our cover story this month, and inside, we lay out exactly how versatile your virtual war specialist can really be. It'll be in shops tomorrow, and here's what else you can expect.

You also get a four page feature on the very hardest difficulty mode in Obsidian's upcoming RPG shooter Fallout: New Vegas . Will Porter writes lots of things about it, and one of them is that it "feels how its already worthy predecessor was meant to." It's a rough old desert in the world of Fallout, and Obsidian understand perfectly how it hard it should be to survive there.

We're also bringing you new info in Shogun 2 's campaign mode. We saw a battle in action, and it's a gorgeous display of wind, water and steel that really shows off how much the Creative Assembly have worked on their Edo aesthetic. This month, we've reviewed Puzzle Quest 2, Front Mission Evolved, City of Heroes: Going Rogue, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, Tidalis, Quake Live, Dead Rising 2, Worms Reloaded , and we didn't not review RUSE . Maybe.

In extra-life, Rich McCormick reveals his meanest StarCraft 2 strategy ever, Jon Blyth plays Magic: The Gathering in his secret den of shame, Tom Francis enters a disturbing, parallel Far Cry 2 where nobody can speak, Tony escapes a pack of in-bred psychopaths by jumping out of a hotel window (and then plays some Dark Corners of the Earth ), and I came up with a decent excuse to print a screenshot of my World of Warcraft character wearing his Scarlet set and bunny ears in the Violet Hold dungeon.

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